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Core Groups

Often, small groups of people are better able to interact and learn about a topic than larger groups are. For that reason, our church has Core Groups. These small group Bible studies are held primarily in member homes throughout the week.  They are centered on Jesus with the goal of building relationships within the church body.


Meredith Reynard-6:30 PM
Location: Zoom Meeting
Contact Meredith at m.reynard@yahoo.com


Mark Anthony-7:15 PM
Location: Fellowship Hall, EC Building, LWC
Contact: Mark Anthony, call church office for number
Mike Eazer-7:00 PM (meets every other week)
Location: East Room, LWC
Contact: Mike Eazer, call church office for number
Young Families-6:00 PM
Location: LWC
Contact: Pastor Daniel Balcombe


Gerry and Linda Baade-6:00 PM
Location: Members Home
Contact: Linda Baade, call church office for number
Church Office: (858) 486-1441