Join us in person or listen in online for this year’s Sermon Series, “A Heart After The King,” every Sunday at 10:00 AM.
What does your heart crave most? Every day we are bombarded with an assortment of offerings and ideas, each promising to bring us happiness, contentment, and peace that is always just out of reach. It seems that our hearts are driven on an eternal and yet unattainable quest. This is not some new 21st century phenomenon; 1,700 years ago, Saint Augustine famously said, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless, until they find their rest in you”. Human hearts have always wanted something more than what they have. The truth is, we crave a king, but a king far greater than any of the kings of this world. Our hearts are longing for King Jesus.
In Psalm 22, The Holy Spirit inspired David to declare that there would come a day when all the ends of the earth would “remember” what it was their hearts desire most and finally turn to the Lord.
My prayer for 2023 is that we have hearts that are set on the King. The more we hear about the glory of the King, the more we see the work of the King, the more we sing the praises of the King, and the more that we share the story of the King, the more we will delight in and be satisfied with King Jesus, the true desire of our hearts.

This year’s sermons series, “A Heart After The King,” is the reminder that all the peoples of the earth crave the righteousness, peace and joy that is found only in the kingdom of God. It is our great calling to bring that kingdom to the ends of the earth, to declare to hungry and hurting hearts, that “Jesus is King! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom. His dominion shall have no end.”